No fluff, just facts

Meet the Candidate

Chris Coughlin, a former City Council member, will bring his fight for improved traffic capacity and fiscal conservatism to Johns Creek City Hall. Johns Creek's budget and per capita spending has increased year over year since the recession and, in November 2016, the city created two additional tax streams to bring in another $130 million. Chris will work to pull that spending back and reduce taxes. His service on the Johns Creek Community Association Board and activism in the past has been helpful in allocating the city's surplus and pushing the conversation about a fiscally restrained government.

Chris Coughlin's Action Plan for Johns Creek

  1. Ensure that the "vision" for the city, and the corresponding government policies, does not negatively affect property values (or, even worse, our actual properties) for those of us living in Johns Creek through fighting overdevelopment, unwanted mixed‐used developments, billboards, development authorities, easements, displacements, eminent domain for the "collective good," cronyism, etc.
  2. Apply strategies to address traffic congestion through technology and alternative means like using artificial intelligence‐based software programs to create real time light synchronization, working with Fulton County schools to improve bus ridership, and working with residents and businesses to employ "work from home" programs, staggered start times, flex time shifts, and compressed work weeks.
  3. Ensure the $130 million in additional tax revenues are efficiently and appropriately allocated to the parks and capital infrastructure so we can reduce our spending in other areas of our general fund.
  4. Reduce millage rate by 15% over 3 year term depending on inflation/deflation.
  5. Perform cost‐benefit analyses on all line items in departmental budgets to identify significant sources of waste. Will work to reduce expenditures by 10% over 3 year term through waste analyses.
  6. Cut business and occupation taxes by 40% to ensure Johns Creek is competitive with its neighboring cities. Johns Creek currently has the highest business taxes in the North Fulton area and reducing the business taxes will help local and small businesses remain competitive in this area.

Go to the Issues tab or his Facebook page here for additional detail on his action items.